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Langle Design & Construction Management (LDCM) was founded in 1984 when the company Jan Grierson Architects (which at that time employed Brad A. Langle) moved to Florida. Most of Jan Grierson Architects’ clients and customers wanted to continue working with Brad A. Langle to receive the high quality designs and information provided with the firm.


Over the years, LDCM has grown into a very quality oriented company, designing and building commercial sites and custom homes for clients who are interested in quality and value, not the latest fad or building trend. Brad A. Langle has more than 35 years of experience with a construction background primarily in quality control and construction management for industrial (American Pacific/Pepcon), local commercial construction (Robert Mueller Airport, Capitol Metro, office buildings), and Lake Travis area residential construction. Jude Langle joined LDCM in 2002 as a certified draftsman in computer aided drafting and mechanical drafting. Jude has expertise in 3D design and rendering allowing complete visualization of a project prior to construction. Jude is also involved in the daily construction management responsibilities with over 20 years of experience in the construction field.




LDCM currently designs and builds commercial developments and custom waterfront homes, most recently Hill Country Indoor, a 150,000 Sq. Ft. indoor sports facility in Bee Cave, Texas. LDCM builds only two to three select projects per year ensuring that the owner acquires the service and attention expected when building a quality custom project. Cost control is a vital part of the success of any project, and LDCM utilizes the industrial and commercial construction management process along with the aid of computer software to provide a detailed monthly cost analysis, which provides the owner the ability to make decisions during the course of construction and can be involved in the construction process as much or as little as desired.


LDCM will always hire a structural engineer to review the design and hire a third-party inspection service to insure the project meets or exceeds all code requirements of the International Building Code regardless of whether the project requires inspection by a city or municipality. The ultimate goal of LDCM is to build a structure that the owner and everyone involved can be proud of.


LDCM utilizes a very structured format for the selection of contractors, construction process and draw schedule conforming to and exceeding AIA standards. The construction process is divided into 35 separate construction items and sub-categories for each item. The construction items will each have a budgeted cost which is a percentage of the total cost (similar to draw request forms issued by most lending institutions), each item of construction is compared to the budgeted allowance monthly and included with each draw request. Typically by evaluating the construction cost in an item by item basis even in the early stages of construction, everyone involved has a very good understanding of the overall cost of the structure, through construction to completion. This process makes it very easy to decide if the project can afford certain upgrades and change orders without going over described budget.

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